Sunday, April 29, 2007

Two days of training

(Written Monday April 30, 13:34 Kenya time – regarding Saturday and Sunday, April 28-29)

Saturday and Sunday have been dedicated to training. The staff for the orphanage, new and existing, spent they day being trained in IHF rules and practices. I spent some time listening in, but primarily spent my time trying to get their solar panel and batteries functioning and trying to get my laptop and theirs charged up. In Nakuru I'm going to buy some tools and try to fix their laptop; it has a loose charging connection and is very difficult to get charged. They have a GPRS card for their computer though and I was able to get online there, but very very slowly. And I had to walk down to the main road and sit under a tree in the shade to get a connection.

Saturday evening I spent quite a bit of time with the university students that had just arrived.

Sunday was more training. Not many photo ops, so I sat in on most of the training just to observe.

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