Monday, April 30, 2007

Starry Night

(Written Monday April 30, 19:50 Kenya time)

Something else to enjoy… the stars out here are phenomenal. The moon is nearly full so the first half of the night, the moon overpowers many of the stars. However at some point the moon sets, and for the hour or so before sunrise that I've actually managed to crawl out of bed and set up a camera, the stars are pure magic. The milky way spreads from horizon to horizon.

I'm no astral photographer so I'm still trying to figure this thing out, but this shot is taken with a 14mm lens. That's a really, really wide lens. What you see here is a very large portion of the sky – not a zoomed in, cropped close-up. Yes, it really does look like this out here. (click through for a larger version)


Richard said...

Wow. Awesome shot.

Martin said...

Dude... that shot is so cool... I'm going to mark up some key points in it while I'm flying today. Just to let you know.. the really bright spot is Jupiter. Just a little below it, in the centre of the milky way's dark lanes is the very center of milky way.

You're making me proud!


kevin said...


following your adventures from Paris... sound like you are having a blast... seeing the world ... and the universe like we all wish we could

take care... you are a long long way from Vegas baby :-)


Nathan said...

You're bringing back sharp memories of hiking down a railway line under those stars. No flashlight, but you don't need when with so many stars reflecting off the rails. Don't forget to listen for the birds (not just the morning doves), monkeys, anything else. So much to take in!

I understand the attraction to Citron, but really you must try the Bitter Lemon. Odd to have such a bitter soda, but it's good. Must try Stoney Tangawizi too, but no worries if it's too spicy to enjoy.

Keep writing! Great stuff!

Joseph said...

Oh I found the bitter and the Stoney (ginger) drink. Delicious!