Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Shopping for the journey to Pokot

(Written Sunday April 29, 07:50 Kenya time – regarding Wednesday afternoon, April 25)

Before heading out to Pokot, we stopped at a grocery store to stock up on some basic supplies (for us; famine feed food would come later). We needed water; I bought five 5-liter containers for myself (which turned out not to be enough since someone kept pilfering from it… I ended up with half that! Good thing we're going back to Nakuru again mid-trip). I also bought some snack foods to enjoy come comforts along the way. Chocolate. Oops. Chocolate melts in extreme heat. Well, I enjoyed a few nibbles in the cool mornings ;-) I also got some more mosquito repellent just-in-case, and bought a souvenir English to Kaswahili translation book from someone on the street. This market however was amazing. Almost like any American drug store with canned and boxed foods (no fresh here), there were aisle after aisle of shampoos, household cleaning products, breakfast cereals, small electronics, and more. It's quite the contrast when you step from there out to the dirt roads and open sewer ditches.

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