Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Custom Pelican MacBook Pro case

The Pelican 1495CC1 that I ordered last week was suddenly unavailable, but fortunately I found another source. My friend at Pelican hooked me up with K C Specialty Products, who had the case in stock and shipped it immediately. Since the 1495 doesn't come with the riser/dividers that the 1490 does, I have some Peli Quick Mounts coming to help hold things in place, and the special 3M adhesive DP8010 to mount it with.

Just like Chase Jarvis, I've ordered a shade from CompuShade to fashion over the laptop. I'm hoping to find a way to rig it to the case instead of to the laptop, as I have absolutely zero intention of putting velcro strips on the lid of my MacBook Pro!

My drives of choice are 100GB G-Tech G-DRIVE Mini's. I originally chose these as they have no fan, to reduce the chance of dirt being sucked into the drives. It's less of a concern now that these will live under the MacBook Pro in the case, but it's still, I think, a Good Idea™. Mine are FW400 drives so will have to use a small FireWire hub, which is unfortunate, but oh well. These drives will mirror each-other for backup, and are where my master RAW files will live. I'll have additional FW drives in another case in the event I exceed 100GB of RAW files. (100GB should hold about 7,000 Canon 5D RAW files)

I use the stackable Lexar FireWire Professional CompactFlash Readers, so I'm anxious to see how (and how many) I can arrange into the case.

Of course when I have the pieces I'll show it off here!

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