Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Broken down

(Written Wednesday April 25, 12:58 Kenya time)

Oh good. We're currently broken down on the side of the road. This is a paved road with loads of traffic going by however, so no big concerns. Carol barely even looked up from her Blackberry as we pulled to the side of the road. Fred, our driver, is fixing it up now. It appears that one of the shocks kind of, well, fell off. Might have something to do with the moderately bumpy roads we've been driving down.

Hm, maybe they can't fix it. They're discussing making alternate arrangements to Pokot. I left home almost exactly three days ago. I wonder when I'll get to the Pokot.

Oop scratch that. We're moving again. Bravo! Let's close with the first scenic picture I've managed so far. Notice it's still pretty dreary out.

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Pratt said...

Joseph, as always, I love your touch of humor - sounds like it is needed on this venture!