Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A "welcome letter" for future Pokot visitors

I thought this would be fun to share. I've written a (lengthy!) letter/document on "what to expect in Kenya", written for the western traveler, which will be included in a "new volunteers manual" that the IHF is working on.

Probably a good read for anyone going into the wild of a developing nation!

It's too long to just drop in the blog, so you can read it here.

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Anonymous said...

Really, really miss you on the RAAM for Team Type 1. Can't begin to tell you how very different the race feels - without you doing the blog entries and especially the photos!!! I will check out your site now that I found it. Wow, you are so incredibly lucky, talented, smart, nice, and so much more. Good luck in all things you do. (I know this doesn't relate to Kenya, and I am sorry - but I am not much of a blogger or blogger user? Take care Joseph - you really are missed.