Tuesday, May 1, 2007


(Written Tuesday May 1, 12:33 Kenya time)

Ever since I arrived, the kids take any chance they can at touching my hair. Some are very bold about it and will just come up to me when I'm sitting and start rubbing my head. Others will tentatively approach and reach out to touch, only to run away. And others will walk by pretending to do something else, then reach out and brush my head as they pass. It's very funny to watch. They also seem fascinated with my arm hair, and will touch and pull on it every chance they get!

You may have noticed from the photos that many of the kids are completely bald. This is not malnutrition, but is required by the school they go to. The children from the orphanage are required to have shaved heads to prevent any lice or other head bugs from getting into the schools population.

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