Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Good Morning

(Written Wednesday May 2, 07:36 Kenya time)

Another morning in Pokot. I was up early again, just in time to catch the sunrise. There are few clouds in the sky today so it's going to be hot. Already, only at 7:30, the short walk from the orphanage to my cottage has me sweating. And today is the day I'm traveling deep into the bush, spending the night in another village, then in the morning going into that really remote village, Maron. [picture: kids playing a rope jumping game]

We're starting the day with a famine feed in Loruk. I will be visiting, to photograph TEP children (The Education Program; children that are sponsored for education only, meaning not orphans), the following villages: Loruk (3 kids), Kadingding (2), Chesinima (7), Watering Hole (1 child – and where we've been a few times), Nginyang (5 children, and where we had lunch the day we took a van load of people to the clinic), Chemolingot (5), and then the following morning, Maron (15). There are also 11 children in Riongo who we won't have time to get to. Again a shame as this is the town where all the politics were involved when we went to do the famine feed before. Those children won't get their pictures taken, unfortunately. Which probably means they will lose sponsorship.

For now, I'm enjoying my morning tea.

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