Thursday, June 28, 2007

Canon EOS-1D Mark III baseball results

I learned a few things about the camera and about shooting baseball (not something I've done before)…

  1. The camera is pretty impressive. It maintained focus very well, even doing a good job tracking runners coming almost straight towards me. Obviously it lost a few, but for the most part it did a good job.
  2. I know this camera is getting panned for not focusing well in low light, but frankly how many sporting events are shot in low light? Baseball is fast. Really fast. Even shooting at 10fps, there are many sequences of shots where I have to think to myself… what happened to the ball??
  3. The camera isn't forgiving on overexposed highlights, even shooting RAW. My best exposures are the darker ones. Seems like it might be a better idea to shoot a bit underexposed and lift in Aperture. Which is nice for sports frankly; you'll gain a bit of shutter speed.
  4. I need to go out and shoot another game!
Check out that bat!
Here is a small [gallery]

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